I’m Ivan Lo, a Chicago-based humanitarian photographer, graphic designer, and camera historian. Cameras have fascinated me ever since the first time I peered through the yellow-tinted viewfinder of my dad’s Ricoh AF-60D as a young child. After what felt like a lifetime of borrowing, I bought my very first camera, a modest digital point and shoot, during college and started getting serious about photography.

About a year later, I visited a local photographer who was getting rid of some of his old gear and found an interesting but completely obsolete Kodak Disc 6100. It was considered a higher-end model in its day, designed to use a film format that was supposed to be the next greatest thing in consumer photography but now here it was sharing a dusty cardboard box with a bunch of grimy plastic toy cameras destined to either be given away or thrown in the garbage. I grabbed the dinged up Kodak and took it home.

It was at that point that I became interested in collecting old cameras, especially those for obsolete formats. I wanted to rescue these noble devices as they became increasingly irrelevant in the wake of digital technology and I’ve been collecting ever since.