Nikon F2 Titan T-Shirt


Pay tribute to one of the highest quality 35mm cameras ever made with your very own Nikon F2 Titan T-shirt! In the late 1970s, three titanium-bodied variants of the incredible professional-grade Nikon F2 35mm SLR were introduced and among them was the mighty Nikon F2 Titan. While the only major visual cue present on the original Nikon F2T and Nikon F2H is the textured black paint on its titanium skin*, the F2 Titan sets itself apart by also sporting an elegant “Titan” logo just below the shutter button.

It should be noted that the very first small batch of Nikon F2T models were clad in unpainted titanium. However, the finish was deemed too reflective and the concept was quickly abandoned making them extremely rare and hardly ever seen.
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