Paris Camera Brands T-Shirt


Pay homage to the City of Lights with a Paris camera brands T-shirt! This T-shirt design features twenty-seven of the most well-known camera companies who have called Paris home: Caillon, Cornu, Debrie, Demaria, Dubroni Enjalbert, FAP, Fex, Gallus, Gaumont, Goldstein, Hermagis, Joux, Kinax, Krauss, Leroy, Mackenstein, Mazo, M.I.O.M., Olbia, O.P.L., Richard, Royer, Secam, Tiranty, Vergne, and Zion.

Paris’s involvement in the camera industry goes beyond commercial production, of course. The French capital was also home to Louis Daguerre, the inventor of the daguerreotype and close colleague of fellow Frenchman Nicéphore Niépce, the creator of photography. The daguerreotype was the first publicly available process by which photographs could be made and Louis Daguerre is generally considered to be one of the fathers of photography because of his technological breakthrough.

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