Ansco Shur-Shot

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Ansco Shur-Shot (three-quarter view)
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Ansco Shur-Shot (three-quarter view)
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Ansco Shur-Shot (front view)
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Ansco Shur-Shot (rear view)
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Ansco Shur-Shot (top view)
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Ansco Shur-Shot (with 35mm cassette for scale)
Ansco Shur-Shot (three-quarter view) Ansco Shur-Shot (three-quarter view) Ansco Shur-Shot (front view) Ansco Shur-Shot (rear view) Ansco Shur-Shot (top view) Ansco Shur-Shot (with 35mm cassette for scale)

Ansco Shur-Shot Specifications

Manufacturer: Ansco
Origin: USA
Made in: Binghamton, NY, USA
Introduced: 1948
Type: Box, Viewfinder
Format: 120 Film
Dimensions: 8.1 x 10.5 x 12.9 cm

Ansco Shur-Shot Overview

The Ansco Shur-Shot is a simple, mass-produced box camera made of wood, leatherette-wrapped cardboard, and aluminum introduced by Ansco in 1948. A combination of simple mechanics and large production numbers mean that it’s relatively easy to find a Shur-Shot in good working condition even today.

As is the case with most box cameras, the Shur-Shot is pretty primitive. There is only one shutter speed available (approximately 1/60) and it’s activated by the red shutter button located on the user’s right-hand side of the camera. Above the shutter button on the same side is the landscape orientation viewfinder and the film advance knob. On the top of the camera is the portrait orientation viewfinder, hand strap, and the latch for the film door. A red window can be found on the back of the camera.

I bought this Shur-Shot at a garage sale for a few dollars along with the Rolls and an old French-made brass lens that I have yet to identify. This Shur-Shot is in excellent condition with a minimal amount of scratches and blemishes. The leather strap looks brand new, the viewfinders are immaculately clear, and the shutter works perfectly.


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