Konica MT-9

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Konica MT-9 (three-quarter view)
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Konica MT-9 (three-quarter view)
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Konica MT-9 (front view, lens open)
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Konica MT-9 (front view, lens open, flash activated)
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Konica MT-9 (rear view)
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Konica MT-9 (top view)
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Konica MT-9 (with 35mm cassette for scale)
Konica MT-9 (three-quarter view) Konica MT-9 (three-quarter view) Konica MT-9 (front view, lens open) Konica MT-9 (front view, lens open, flash activated) Konica MT-9 (rear view) Konica MT-9 (top view) Konica MT-9 (with 35mm cassette for scale)

Konica MT-9 Specifications

Manufacturer: Konishiroku Shashin Kogyo K.K.
Origin: Japan
Made in: Japan
Introduced: 1986
Type: Viewfinder
Format: 135 Film
Dimensions: 12.6 x 7 x 4.8 cm

Konica MT-9 Overview

I received this Konica MT-9 by mistake a few days after winning an auction for a Konica C35 EF. I opened up the package expecting a superb Hexanon-flexing wonder but was met with an unexceptional plastic compact camera instead. The seller (a charity shop) didn’t believe my story until they attempted to put this very MT-9 up for auction and included a photo of the serial number which I quickly matched to the camera I had erroneously received. Story proven, they quickly took down the auction for the MT-9 and immediately sent me my C35 along with a hastily worded but very sincere apology.

Three MT series cameras—the MT-7, MT-9, and MT-11—were introduced in 1986 as Konica’s newest offerings in the compact consumer camera market. The MT-7 is the simplest of the three with a fixed-focus 36mm f/4 lens and single shutter speed of 1/125 seconds. Next in line is the MT-9 with an autofocus 35mm f/3.5 and automatic exposure system with shutter speeds ranging from 1/10 to 1/500 seconds. The most advanced is the MT-11 which has a fast 35mm f/2.8 autofocus lens and some useful little features like frame lines in the viewfinder and markings on the camera strap that can be used to measure focusing distances for closeup photography.

I’m glad that I got this relatively uninteresting camera by mistake because I probably never would’ve given it a second glance otherwise. After all, I started this site to not only document my growing camera collection but also to give a little bit of recognition to unwanted and forgotten cameras who have played their part, however small, in photographic history. That said, now that I’ve given this Konica its time in the limelight, it will be going back on a thrift store shelf as soon as I get a chance to donate it.


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