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Dacora Brand Overview

Dacora logo

Founded: 1946 — Reutlingen,
  Allied-occupied Germany
  (modern day Germany)
Currently: defunct

Dacora Brand History

Dacora was a German brand founded by Bernhard Dangelmaier as Dangelmaier & Co. shortly after the end of World War II in the city of Reutlingen located just south of Stuttgart. The company enjoyed early success and by 1960, Dacora production reached the two million unit mark. Cameras produced by the company were not limited to those bearing the Dacora name but were also manufactured on behalf of other companies such as Ferrania, Lumière, and Ilford.

In 1969, the company was purchased by Leach Relais und Elektronik GmbH and rechristened as Dacora Kamerawerk GmbH. The company suffered some financial difficulties in the early ’70s and moved to Munich where it struggled to survive.

Then, in 1972, the company was acquired by Josef Weber KG and relocated to Nuremberg. Working with half-finished units from Munich, the company—now operating under the name Dacora Kamerawerk Nürnberg GmbH—resumed production in their new Nuremberg factory. However, due to continuing financial mismanagement, camera production at Dacora soon came to and end and the company was formally dissolved.

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