Dresden Camera Brands T-Shirt


Pay homage to the City of Lights with a Dresden camera brands T-shirt! This T-shirt design features twenty-seven of the most well-known Celebrate what is arguably the most important camera city ever with a Dresden camera brands T-shirt! This particular T-shirt showcases twenty of Dresden’s most iconic brands: Balda, Beier, Certo, Eho-Altissa, Ernemann, Hüttig, ICA, Ihagee, Kochmann, KW, Mentor, Mimosa, Pentacon, Pouva, Richter, Thowe, Welta, Wünsche, Zeh, Zeiss Ikon.

Dubbed the “Florence on the Elbe,” the beautiful city of Dresden was home to some of the most important camera companies in history including Hüttig, which is claimed to be the first ever camera manufacturer. For decades, Dresden was widely regarded to be the photographic capital of Germany, Europe, and, by extension, the entire world. The extraordinary level of optical precision, engineering excellence, and ingenious innovation demonstrated by Dresden’s camera manufacturers make it virtually impossible to overstate this city’s impact on the photographic world.

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