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Acro Brand Overview

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Founded: c. 1939 — Chicago, IL, USA
Currently: defunct

Acro Brand History

The Acro Scientific Products Co. was an American camera manufacturer founded in Chicago sometime around 1939. Not much is known about Acro other than the fact that they only made a small handful of cameras, all of which were rebadged by different companies.

Acro—along with brands like Spartus, Falcon, Monarch, and Rolls—was part of what camera collectors refer to as the Chicago Cluster: a group of companies based in Chicago that produced an enormous number of simple, inexpensive cameras made of Bakelite, an early plastic. Many of these cameras are nearly identical despite being sold by supposedly independent manufacturers, prompting the belief that many of these companies existed only in name. This theory is further reinforced by the fact that many of the advertising materials for these cameras list the same address: 711-715 West Lake Street, a building that has since been torn down to make way for the Kennedy Expressway.

Much like its origins, the fate of Acro—along with much of the Chicago Cluster—is largely unknown.

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